Aussie Wagyu BBQ Combo

Aussie Wagyu BBQ Combo

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Madam Seafood brings you the top selling meat and seafood into a Korean style BBQ combo set so you can enjoy the variety with family and friends.

This combo has enough food to feed 4-6 people

Combo includes:

Kerwee M8+ Aussie Wagyu Scotch Fillet x 100g

Kerwee M4/5 Aussie Wagyu Scotch Fillet x 300g

Angus Gold Oyster Blade x 500g

XL Shark Bay Scallop x 6

QLD King Prawn x 8

Australian Squid x 200g

Korean barbecue sauce

Sesame paste

Kimchi Seaweed salad, Garlic, Onion

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