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Mark Lee Fish Farm

Fresh Live Simply Barramundi (Saltwater)

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Simply Barramundi - Saltwater

Mark Lee's Simply Barramundi has been grown locally in South Australia using the earth's geothermal heated spring water. The fish are grown in a sterile indoor environment free contaminants, such as bird faeces, parasites, pesticides, hormone and antibiotics. 

During the last month of the the fish's growth cycle, before hitting the market, the fish are slowly transitioned into a saltwater environment to provide a cleaner and sweeter taste.

The fish are harvested and processed directly at the farm on the same day to ensure their freshness is sealed into convenient mess free vacuum packs.

Once you receive the fish, remove from the vacuum pack and rinse it with tap water and then dry with kitchen paper towel. 

The fish can then be grilled, battered, baked, pan seared/fried to your liking.

Processing weight loss disclosure: Please also allow up to 20% weight loss from removal of scales, gill and guts from processing.


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