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Mark Lee Fish Farm

Fresh Great Barrier Reef Coral Trout

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If the weight range is 500g-1000g then we charge a deposit of 1000g x $dollar/KG and then issue a refund for any weight differences.

For example, if you pay $50 and the product is $30/kg and we send you 1.2kg of product then it will be 1.2kg x $30/kg = $36.00. We will then refund $50-$36 = $14 within 3 business days after you have received the product.

Wild Caught Coral Trout

Wild harvest Coral Trout from the pristine waters of world famous Great Barrier Reef. These fish are line caught by hand and processed using the Japanese iki jime (brain spike) method to humanely kill the fish, which potentially could improve the overall flavour of the fish due to less stress exerted. 

The fish are flown down directly from Cairns and processed with scale, gill and guts removed and vacuum packed to ensure quality and freshness.


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