Wagyu Full Blood Scotch Fillet M9+

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Ranges Valley Infinite Full Blood Wagyu

Best of the best Wagyu scotch fillet cut. 

This marble score of 9+ scotch fillet cut is the highest marble grade score possible in Australia and is reflected from its super rich and tender flesh that melts in your mouth. As it's a very rich in flavour cut, we recommend cutting this steak into smaller mouth size pieces and give them a quick pan sear on both ends to produce the perfect mouth watering steak. 

With a reputation steeped in history, the great full blood Wagyu breed has entered the Rangers Valley portfolio of brands as INFINITE. Tradition plus innovation safeguards its elegance and integrity.

HGP free, we feed our Full Blood Wagyu a minimum of 500 days using a vegetarian grain ration specially designed to maintain health and encourage a slow growth high marble score. Rangers Valley has been distinguished as the name behind premium marbled beef for both the Australian and export markets. and producing exceptional marbled beef is the result of our passion and experience throughout the entire supply chain. The Rangers Valley cool climate and slow growth philosophy means the new Infinite Full Blood Wagyu cuts reach untold heights

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