Japanese Hida Wagyu Striploin A5 MBS12

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Hida Beef

Each portion is vacuum sealed and directly flown from Japan to ensure the highest original quality.

What is Hida Beef?

Meat with a fine, tender  fibre beautifully marbled to melt in the mouth for a rich aroma and taste.

Raised in the rich nature of Gifu Prefecture, touted for its scenic beauty, Hida beef is created at the hands of discerning beef producers with superior techniques and concern for customer safety and assurance who invest the time required to make superior quality meat.

Hida beef in Japan

Hida Beef became a household name when the meat won top honors in Japan at the 8th All-Japan National Wagyu Cattle Expo held in Gifu Prefecture in 2002. The Expo is held once every five years when exceptional Wagyu cattle from all over Japan come together to contend for superiority in an event so large it is called the "Wagyu Olympic Games." Competition is divided into the Bull Division, in which entrants compete based on the results of improvements, and the Meat Division, in which competition is based on meat quality. Hida beef has won honors (The Prime Minister's Prize) and captured the highest award for best carcass in each of these divisions.
Hida beef continued its award-winning streak for best carcass at the 9th Expo held five years later.

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