Live Female Darwin Mud Crab

  • $88.00
    單價 每 
內含稅金。 結帳時計算運費

Premium quality live mud crabs flown directly from Darwin

Grading Guide:

Crabs are graded based on their shell hardness, which is corelated to their fulness (meat content), however, this method does not guarantee that an A grade crab will always be full of meat.

Condition of Purchase: Please be advised that while all efforts have been made to provide you with the best quality crab, unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees to the fulness (meat content) of the crab.

Live seafood disclosure: Please also allow up to 5% product weight loss as live seafood will lose water from its body overtime when out of water.

Random Weight Product: This is a product that will be in a variable weight range so we will require a pre-authorisation payment amount of up to the maximum possible weight range. Once the weights information are available we will process payments based on the exact weight. Most likely you will not be charged at the full amount you have authorised and will have the difference refunded.